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No More Dogs are Being Killed at the Local Public Shelter - for now.

The SOS Shelter has been a big pull on our resources over the last month. However, our super team (and we mean superheroes!) have done an amazing job keeping on top of all the regular, but very important tasks. One of which is to take the dogs from the local public shelter in Navodari, to save their lives.

Over the last month, we have taken ALL the dogs left in the local public shelter. This took multiple trips, and the team regularly use their own cars to collect dogs. But, they kept going back until ALL were collected, and safe with us.

On the first visit, we were able to take 6 females, then the remaining 8 dogs: 4 females and 4 males were collected shortly after:

All of these dogs need vaccines, worming and good food, and then of course, loving new homes.

Gea, one of our angels on the ground, and team leader in Romania, updated us after a visit with Ion, when they collected the first of these beautiful dogs:

“Do you know what I noticed? That BMDR’s involvement has made great changes there. No dog is euthanised, they are no longer catching so many dogs, the space is much cleaner and the big thing is, that when the dogs saw the men who work there, they are no longer barking, and seem to be happy to see them! Today I was there with Ion, and we took out 6 dogs! They are all so beautiful, happy and friendly. I have a connection with these dogs from the public shelter.

Public shelter dog Romania

Gea, one of our angels on the ground in Romania, saving another grateful life

Although I'm stronger, every time I take out a dog from there, I’m in tears (just one tear, two maximum) I do not know why - they are the most wonderful and special dogs! They are now all ours! Look at these photos and tell me if they aren’t the most amazing dogs!?! Gea ♥️”

When Gea and Ion went back to collect the last of the dogs, she filmed this little video and also said:

"If you don't believe in miracles, we do! This is how a public shelter in Romania should look: EMPTY! We took out today the last 8 dogs. Welcome in our family dear friends. Thank you for your support, friends of BMDR! Gea, Ion and Romeo"

An empty, clean public shelter, because the dogs have been saved, is what we dream of for the whole of Romania one day.

Over the last 18 months, Barking Mad Dog Rescue has worked hard to build relationships with all involved with running the public shelter of Navodari. This includes the Mayor and staff at the public shelter. This has led to such an amazing feat: NO DOGS HAVE BEEN KILLED anymore from this local public shelter, since late October 2016, plus the standards at the shelter have improved 10, no, 100 fold! Catching will begin again 1st June 2018 so we need to be ready, as always, to step in to save the dogs.

In Castelu too, we have started to liaise with schools and for some time now, have been working with the local police, who regularly alert us to dogs in need.

We will keep saving them, we will keep building relationships, we will keep changing attitudes, to change the future for these dogs, and many more like them. All this would not be possible without your help. Please keep supporting us by joining in with our fundraisers, auctions and raffles, sharing our cause, and of course adopting and donating if you can.

Our current fundraiser 'Big Barking Spring Sale', where you sell off your surplus stuff to raise money for Barking Mad Dog Rescue can be found here:

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