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Cocutz - The First Dog from the SOS Shelter to be Rehomed

Big news, and living proof of how well things have progressed. 2 months ago we discovered a hoarding situation, where a local lady, Carmen, was trying desperately to help the dogs in need in her area by taking them into her home. She ended up completely overrun with 138 sick and starving dogs in her tiny house. We stepped in to help, and now call her home the  SOS Shelter. Since then, one by one, dogs have been treated, fed and conditions for the dogs, and her, have completely changed. A full update will follow soon (original story on the SOS Shelter here), but first, a little update on one of the dogs: Cocutz.

He is particularly special as not only is Cocutz the first dog out of the SOS Shelter to travel and settle into his forever home, he is one of the dogs in the very first pictures of the horror scene that this house was, only a few weeks ago. The dogs in the box: 

Cocutz, top right, huddling among others, found malnourished, but loved and safe.

This image is one that sticks in people's minds, as it reflected how loving, and close the bond is between these dogs, but also how desperate they were, their faces appealing for help, huddled together in their gloomy surroundings.

Our angels on the ground Aura, Gea and volunteers worked so hard for days to clean up the house to make the environment a better place for the dogs and Carmen:

Far right corner, Cocutz now lounging in more comfortable, cleaner surroundings with a full belly.

One-by-one the dogs were taken to the vet. We were so relieved when 10 yr old (est) Cocutz passed all his tests.

First trip to the vet. All clear, and ready to travel soon.

It did not take long before he was snapped up by a lovely family in Germany. His dog mum to be wrote to us and said "I want this little one in the box. Right in the back corner."

How can you resist those eyes? So along came travelling day:

Carmen loves all her dogs, she knew it was for the best, but so hard to say goodbye.

In the happy bus to his forever home, and forever family in Germany

Snug as a bug, the first few hours with his new family - what a contrast of surroundings!

The first few weeks have been so much fun for Cocutz, his dog family say he is like a 2 year old!

Cocutz mum says of him:

"Little Cocutz can actually be described with a single word: 'sunshine‘. He loves everything that has 2 or 4 legs. Even children are no problem. He is so curious and always in a good mood. He doesn’t need much sleep. But when he sleeps, he sleeps like a stone and snores like a Rottweiler. 3 times a day his mom has to get him down from the dining table. Perhaps a misunderstanding. He wants to go to bed on the table. In the evening at 8 pm he goes alone upstairs. Its time for him to go to bed. He is such a friendly and lovable little boy. To look at him means you can smile."

Thank you to Carmen for saving, and looking after him. It was our pleasure to help him find a home of his own.

We are all SO happy for you Cocutz. Enjoy your new life. ♥

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