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A busy week for fixing bones...

This week has seen two more dogs and two more cats having surgery and coming home to our care in Constanta. For all complex operations, we use an excellent husband and wife team at Trauma Vet. Iustin and Elena Girea in Bucharest offer excellent veterinary care and experience for the most complex of cases. It does mean a very long road trip for our overstretched team in Constanta though. It is 460 kms round trip - 286 miles.

There was a wee kitty who they had found hit by a car. His leg was pinned. We can't believe how these vets manage routinely to get needles into such tiny veins. Also a marmalade boy that Aura had found - he will need a special home as he is incontinent after being hit by a car. Puppy girl Luca from the street had her leg pinned and is already haring about (vet says this is ok!).

The final patient who was brought back after a few weeks with Iustin and Elena at Trauma Vet, was Zoe.

Zoe needs a paragraph all to herself. This is an older girl from the SOS shelter who has lived all her life with luxating patellas - slipping kneecaps, meaning dislocation. We met Zoe first in February when Aura discovered the hell that was the SOS. Zoe walked at the back - BOTH legs - so awkwardly, almost dragging her back legs behind her but upright. She also had a run of mammary tumours. What a hard time she had had just staying alive in that place - her whole life. She is an absolutely wonderful little dog. Zoe's bill is 2080 ron, about £400. Anyway, though, she had two ops. The first to spay her and get her tumours removed and another a couple of weeks later, to fix both her back legs. What a star - she is doing remarkably well. Her next wish is for a comfy home for the next few years.

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