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A Blood Bank for Dogs

BMDR were delighted to be invited for some of our dogs to take part in a blood donation scheme for dogs run by Bucharest Veterinary Surgeons Hemopet.  This was held at Certovet, our own verterinary surgeons in Navodari, Constanta.

Dogs need transfusions of healthy blood for many reasons. In Romania, road accidents and disease are all too common. The BMDR heroes of the day were: Fyne, Oscar, Pasha, Ted and Tom. They were all tested for erlichia, anaplasma, heartworm (dirofilaria) and leishamania. These are the vector borne diseases that many dogs in hot countries are exposed to. Negative all. 'Vector' means a carrier. These diseases are carried by way of an 'intermediate host' like a tick or mosquito who sucks blood but also then shares the parasite with its canine victim. Of the five dogs, Oscar is reserved but the other four dogs need a home still, and are all ready for adoption. Negative blood tests meant the blood donations could begin. We wouldn’t expect anything less of our hero dogs but to behave like perfect gentlemen.  And of course, afterwards, they received treats and took part in a photo shoot. It was good to see some local owners too bringing their dogs in.

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