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Volunteering at Our Shelter - Karen's experience in her own words.

I just thought I'd give a little insight to all the Friends of BMDR of volunteering at the shelter in Romania 🐕 My first visit was September 2016, when I think back I can't believe I did it!! I was 55 years of age and had always gone everywhere with my husband. Here I was going to Romania by myself (although meeting up with people I didn't know). I travelled with Tina B who kindly let me stay overnight in her home in Birmingham. Travelling from Liverpool I kept thinking what am I doing!! Tina was the nicest person ever and together we had a funny experience at the airport with flea/worming thought we were major drug smugglers 🤣 Meeting up with Hilary Anderson and Alex at Bucharest we travelled to Constanta where we stayed with Gea Georgiana. Gea made us so welcome in her home and I immediately felt at ease and comfortable. I can remember every moment on arriving at the BMDR shelter, so many dogs and so much noise, it was overwhelming. Nearly all the dogs are happy to see you and crave your attention, just a few are subdued and bewildered and will stay in the corners of pens, frightened to make eye contact 😥 All they need is encouragement and to know you won't hurt them. I can't describe how good it feels to get in amongst all the boys and girls, big and small, young and just want to hug, kiss and cuddle them all, making up for what they've never had but so deserve 💕 Going to the public shelter was the most harrowing experience for me. To see the dogs in such awful conditions, looking at you with pleading eyes to help them, others just laying there having given up on life 💔 After the shock of the situation hits you, you realise why you are there and it makes you more determined to make a difference for as many dogs as possible. To be part of removing dogs from this horrendous place, getting them to the BMDR shelter and for the lucky ones to eventually get adopted and start a new life with a loving family, to be safe and cared for, it is the most rewarding experience ❤ I have just come back from my fourth trip to Romania and already planning my next visit 😀 I have met the most amazing, inspirational, dedicated people ever and I feel priviledged to call them my friends. I have also adopted my own little Rommie Marley, he is the most perfect little boy and whilst I rescued him he also rescued me as he has been by my side through some sad times. These dogs have a love unique to them and I always promote this to potential adopters. If you are thinking of volunteering....DO will love it ❤ I can honestly say getting involved with BMDR changed my life for the better. I get so much joy raising money and awareness of what this fabulous group is achieving, knowing it will help the dogs who must think they are forgotten and alone. Anyone who is thinking of volunteering and would like more information from my experiences please feel free to contact me at anytime. I don't have all the answers (the BMDR team will always give you the best advice), but I am proof anyone can do this fabulous work.

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