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Today, we want to tell you the story of ELKI.

Last week, we received a message from a tourist who was on holiday in Bucharest. This kind lady had noticed a young puppy abandoned close to her Airbnb, and was worried about her. The pup was only 3-4 months old and very sweet. The lady had been calling her Elki as she reminded her of a Norwegian Elkhound.

Luckily enough, our transport partner was travelling from Bucharest to Constanta that very same day! The lady brought Elki to meet her, and also kindly donated some money and food. Then Elki set off on her big adventure.

Arriving at the village house in Nisipari was a bit of a shock for Elki - she was very frightened and confused. She didn’t want to come out of the crate she was transported in 😢 Poor baby.

But then, Gea worked her magic. With a bit of patience, and with the help of friendly boy Noah and the rest of the welcome committee, Elki soon realised that the village house is a safe and fun place to be! Just look at her transformation in the photos below 🥰

This girl is going to be just fine. Isn’t she stunning! We can’t thank her saviour enough for looking after her and bringing her to safety. A true guardian angel 😇

Welcome to the family, Elki.

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