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A Sad Day…

A really tough day for Gea’s dad Ion today. Ion is an incredibly hard-working and compassionate man who is so dedicated to the dogs in our Nisipari shelter. He works day and night for them and will always go above and beyond to help a dog in need.

He had been going daily to feed some abandoned puppies, but it was impossible to catch them despite several attempts. He always left them food and water and hoped to bring them to safety one day.

Yesterday, Ion was devastated to find 2 of the puppies dead 😢 They were killed by some other older dogs that were also abandoned there.

Ion is so upset and feels this was his fault because he left food that could have caused a conflict. He tried so hard to catch the pups and of course no-one blames him. It’s just a heartbreaking situation.

The good news is that he did catch the two surviving puppies - a boy and a girl. The girl pup has a broken leg and needs surgery. Please, donate whatever you can so that we can help these precious babies. And send your messages of support to Ion in the comments, it would mean a lot ❤️

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