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Coronavirus Pandemic: Dog abandonment on the rise

As Romania endures lockdown, unfortunately there has been an increase in dog abandonment.

At Barking Mad Dog Rescue, our team have noticed more dogs being abandoned and left to fend for themselves since the coronavirus outbreak.

Just this week a very friendly mother dog and her two puppies were found dumped near a shelter we support.

These three dogs were left in a field with no food or water, and if it wasn't for our generous supporters that make all of our good work possible, their future safety would be far from guaranteed.

We have been able to provide shelter, care and plenty of love to this small canine family. And once lockdown is over we aim to find each of them a forever home.

Right now it is impossible for us to transport dogs to the UK for adoption, making our shelters more full and in need of support than ever.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to surge, we can only predict there will be more dogs abandoned and taken into our care.

How to help

We depend on the public for their generous donations and volunteer work.

You can donate to our efforts here. Just a few pounds can buy feed and go towards veterinary care.

Alternatively, there are many other ways you can get involved, such as through fundraising or volunteering.

About Barking Mad Dog Rescue

We are a registered charity that annually rescues and finds homes for hundreds of dogs abandoned or given up in Romania.

To date we have re-homed over 1,000 dogs and daily feed over 850 dogs across our own shelters and ones that we support.

Follow our rescue updates and success stories on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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