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Doggy Lottery is back!

Introducing #DoggyLottery

You might remember us taking part in #DoggyLottery in the past. We are super excited to announce that we have been invited back on!

DoggyLottery is a non-profit that raises funds for dog charities in need through an online lottery. Set up by huge dog lover Lisette van Riel and inspired by her 3-legged rescue Beautie featured in the photo.

Each month 5 different charities are partnered with them and share the charity fund at the end of the 4-week round. We are currently one of the lucky five.

The more votes we get, the bigger the share of the charity fund we will receive.

The dog helping us to get the votes in is the gorgeous RUBY. The perfect example of why we do what we do.

It’s £1.50 per ticket per week, 60% goes to the charity fund and 30% to the prize fund which is shared by 15 weekly guaranteed winners.

To signup, go to:

and vote for RUBY.

Thanks in advance for your support ❤

18+, UK only. Tc&Cs apply.

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