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In May 2019, we rescued a dog that had wire so tightly wrapped around her neck that it had literally been cut open. She couldn’t eat - food would fall out of her throat when she tried 😢 It was one of the worst cases of cruelty we’d seen in a long time. You might remember her - Gianna.

It took Gea weeks to gain enough trust just to be able to catch her and bring her to safety, but with the help of our amazing volunteers, she did it. Gianna has been in our Nisipari shelter ever since. She was initially terrified and wouldn’t let anyone except Gea approach her, and chose not to mix with the other dogs. She had been through so much.

Our girl is getting a little bit braver. She is still an extremely shy and nervous dog, but with lots of unconditional love and patience, she is starting to learn that some people are safe.

This is an example of where your donations and fundraising efforts really make a difference. Gianna will continue to be kept safe, fed and loved at our shelter although she’s nowhere near ready for adoption. Maybe one day! But if not, that’s ok too, sweet girl.

We just couldn’t do any of this without you ❤️

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