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International dog day!

We know we have been a bit quiet here over the last few months so what better way to kick things off again, than with International Dog Day!

We’re celebrating International Dog Day at BMDR by asking our supporters to share a photo and comment of their dogs on our Facebook and Instagram pages - they don‘t need to be a BMDR rescue, we love to see all furry faces!

It’s been a busy summer for the Romanian team and this month has been no different. We have more puppies in our care, getting all the tlc needed to prepare them for travel to their new homes. Here are some of the special little souls rescued recently (their full stories can be found on our page - https://www.facebook.com/BarkingMadDogRescue/)

We also want to tell you about all the different ways you can support our dogs 🐾

Have you thought about sponsoring a shelter dog like Athos?

There are some dogs in our shelter that just aren’t able to be adopted - maybe for health reasons, due to their age or their temperament. But these dogs need love too! Sponsoring is a great way to show a dog some support, and a certificate can make a fab gift too ❤️

Please message us if you have any questions about sponsorship!


Fundraising is a fantastic way to support our dogs, and can be really fun too! You can raise money easily by shopping online, joining in with events and competitions or even selling on eBay. Or maybe you’d like to do something completely different?

We’d love to hear your fundraising ideas in the comments! No idea is too big or too small ❤️



Are you a dog savvy person, with some rescue experience, spare space and time? If so, what about fostering a BMDR dog?

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