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We know you’ve all been waiting for an update on Kenzo, who arrived in the U.K. last week!

“Hi everyone I’m Kenzo and I arrived in the UK on Saturday. Today was Uncle Chas’s turn to go to work and Auntie Rosemary stayed home.

In the morning we met Auntie Dawn and her dog Bella and went to the park but in the afternoon we stayed at home and watched the story of a bear called Paddington. His story is very like mine. His Aunt Lucy sent him to England to try to find a family, and Auntie Gea Barker did the same for me. We both had long journeys to get here but Auntie Rosemary says Peru is even further than Romania! Paddington was taken in by the Brown family who promised to find him a home. That is yet another similarity!

Auntie Rosemary said if I wanted to write a diary of my adventures, just like Paddington did, she would post it on Facebark, so this is my first installment.

I would like it if you would follow my story?”

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