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Meet Betty: The senior dog given a second chance

Updated: May 9, 2020

At Barking Mad Dog Rescue we continually strive to strengthen our relationship with the local Romanian communities.

And when locals come to us with dog troubles, we know our efforts are working.

Just this week some concerned neighbours of Betty's owner called our team.

They described Betty as a dear old dog that had lost interest in eating and drinking, and was even struggling to stand up.

Our team leader Gea sprang into action and met with Betty and her owner.

Unfortunately, Betty was covered in hundreds of ticks, which were gradually draining the life out of this poor old soul.

The vet was closed and Gea couldn't find a vein to put a line into her for a fluid drip.

Usually we'd recommend a blood transfusion for a dog suffering from this amount of ticks.

However, this is something only the vet can do and so simply wasn't an option.

Miraculously, Betty was like a different dog the next day. The ticks had fallen off and she was even asking for food.

She's still skinny but improving daily. Our team dewormed her too and explained to the owner how to care for Betty properly.

Betty's owner loves her and wants to do the right thing. This is the way forward.

Education is key for helping improve dog welfare and care.

About Barking Mad Dog Rescue

In addition to being on hand to help local communities care for their dogs, we also help rescue and adopt out hundreds of dogs each year.

Daily we feed over 800 dogs across our shelters and others that we support.

We depend on donations, and need your support more than ever.

With the coronavirus pandemic many of our adoptions have had to be put on hold.

But dogs like Betty still need our help. Can you help us?

Donations can be made here. And there are also many others ways you can support us.

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook for lots more dog updates.

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