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Claudia found this sweet little dog running around in traffic last week. She had already been hit by a car, and no one was stopping to help her 😢 She would have certainly been killed on the busy road - thank goodness that Claudia and her husband Cosmin were on the scene.

The next day, Claudia took Keava to the vet in Suceava for a check up. She was absolutely devastated by the results. Keava has old trauma to her spine which is very serious and is causing her a lot of pain. It requires a long, complex and potentially dangerous operation.

The operation will be extremely expensive but we have to try, for Keava.

Today we are asking you to help us help Keava. We know that times are tough and you have all been digging deep to support us lately, but this little dog deserves a chance at life. Please, if you can, donate a little towards precious Keava’s operation 🙏

We need to raise £500. If you’d like to help, please follow the link below:

🐾 Donate -

And keep Keava in your thoughts. She deserves a chance at a better life 🙏

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