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Michael and Lemmy, a Tale of Two Pups

Our lad Lemmy was saved by some compassionate and diligent students at the local high school. He was such a sweet pup and couldn't understand why people chased him and kicked at him in the street. Someone kicked him so hard they broke his leg. BMDR rushed him to the surgeon in Bucharest who mended his leg. Lemmy loves his carers and will do anything for some love and affection from anyone who has time for him. He was the obvious choice when Michael needed a transfusion to save his live. Lemmy is young and in very good health.

Michael, one of unwanted eight pups born the an unwanted mum, succumbed to deadly parvovirus. Our lad Ionut, who is our eyes and ears in the village, saved these pups from a man in the village who was going to kill them.

All eight brothers and sisters were at risk. Michael seemed to go down quicker and more seriously than his siblings. The other pups were treated and responded well but sadly Michael's temperature dropped. He was hypothermic and the fight to save him began.

Michael responded and even managed to eat a little but then dropped again. His albumin levels were so low. The vet said he needed a transfusion to survive. Oana rushed Lemmy in to the vet and his blood saved Michael - for the first time. It was a false start...

Within 48 hours Michael was fading fast but this puppy had a determination to live. He was struggling to breathe so went back to the vet for oxygen. There was fluid on his lungs. After treatment once again he rallied. It was short lived.

Two days later Lemmy was back to give more blood for Michael. This time it worked! Michael is growing stronger every day that passes.

Lemmy also had a day on the beach with his friend Paul in hope these new pics might make someone notice him and adopt him. .

And as for Michael, thanks to the dedication of his main carer, Gea, and the donated blood from Lemmy, he was off to celebrate the end of lockdown in Romania with a family picnic in the country near the shelter. Way to go Michael!

To donate to help us help pups like Lemmy and Michael, please go here.

We are so grateful for all of your support.

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