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National Rainbow Bridge Rembrance Day 🌈

Today is National Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day.

For those of us who love them, our pets are our family. When we lose them, we lose a part of ourselves. The photo below is our founder Hilary‘s beloved Mischa, who is no longer with us. Adopted from a rescue, who found her reactive, Hilary says she was the kindest most non-aggressive dog ever to walk the Earth.

Please share with us on Facebook and instagram, your photos and memories of friends who have crossed the rainbow bridge. This is for all the souls lost in our shelter too. Until we meet again darlings 💔

While we take this time to reflect and remember our lost canine companions, we also sadly remember a dear BMDR supporter.

4 weeks ago, a light went out when one of our most loyal and dedicated supporters passed away suddenly. Joyce was a kind, compassionate woman with a huge heart, who loved her Rommies more than anything. Her daughter Gail is devastated.

Fetitza, Joyce’s first dog from Romania, was already quite elderly and had been in shelter for a long time when she got lucky and boarded the Happy Bus to Scotland. Their bond was unbreakable and Joyce later added Rio and Stitch to her family as well. Rio was rescued from the hoarder’s house and was in a terrible state before coming to Joyce - she gave him a life he could never have dreamed of. She really had a passion for older, overlooked dogs and we will be forever grateful for her selflessness and love.

Joyce loved Barking Mad, and at her funeral Gail held a collection for the charity. Both of these women mean so much to us as supporters and friends. Gail is now caring for her mum’s two dogs as well as her own.

Joyce’s collection raised an incredible £230 and we will make sure this money goes straight to helping the dogs she cared for so much.

Joyce, we love you ❤️

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