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New dogs

Warning. Graphic pictures.

Rescues have been happening daily of late. Ionut is the lad in the village who is our eyes and ears. He's the one who sees where pups are dumped. He's the one who notices the sack of kittens thrown into a field. He's the lad who will walk two miles in the blazing sun to bring us a pup.

Ionut brought a dog to us at the end of last week. The dog was wandering loose. His ears were just full of maggots. Ion and Ionut cleaned him up and went to investigate further where he had come from. It turned out he has a brother too... Chained, neglected, forgotten. A neighbour was feeding them but the owner wasn't living there any more. Look at the state of the brother's ears! That's a huge tumour, full of infection and flies. We took this dog too. He'll go to the vet Monday.. Both were quite bitey - no wonder though. Our vet bill is scary at the moment so please if you can help, even a little, this would really help.

About Barking Mad Dog Rescue

We are a charity that rescues and rehomes unwanted and abandoned dogs in Romania. Each day we feed over 800 dogs, and we rehome several hundred dogs per year.

This work is only possible with the help of our wonderful supporters. To donate, please go here. We are so grateful for all of your support.

How to adopt from BMDR

Please see our adoption information page. Our available dogs can be found here.

Keep in touch!

For all the latest goings on across our shelters, make sure you like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.

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