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What a Busy Month. BMDR is overrun with new puppies.

They say when it rains it pours. This certainly seemed to be the case for us this last months when it has been raining puppies.

Our own shelters, and those we support are full to the brim. But this hasn't stopped us saving so many more dogs and puppies over the last few weeks.

Our Romanian core team in Constanta have been inundated with urgent pleas to take in abandoned and injured dogs. We have taken in around 35 new dogs recently.

In Dorohoi, in northern Romania, Claudia and Cosmin too, have also spotted and saved several dogs in desperate need of help. This couple's rescued dogs are supported Barking Mad Dog Rescue, with vet bills and money for the dogs' care. Through the hard work of our German colleagues and our UK team, many of their dogs are rehomed in Germany, Austria and here in Britain.

Despite our resources being stretched to the absolute limit for many months now, we won't turn away pups or dogs in desperate need of help.

Let's take a look at just some of our rescue efforts over the last few weeks...

Eight Abandoned Pups

People in the village contacted us about a mum and her eight puppies, abandoned in a derelict house.

These kind neighbours helped gather them all together. We left them there, safe where they are, as there is parvo in our shelter. They are fed and checked daily and are not near any roads. People are keeping a watchful eye on them. Two have already been offered local homes.

And Another Eight Puppies...

Oana took a detour one night to get home a little quicker, when she spotted a puppy wandering in some wasteground. It was pouring rain.

Then gradually she found more...and more. They were huddled together in the pouring rain.

Of course Oana couldn't leave them, so she bundled all into the warmth of her car and turned straight back round to the village house shelter, where they were fed and made comfy for the night.

At that point, there was no sign of the mum. It turned out that some people had been keeping and eye on this family. Mum is around but nervous. Oana went back the next day but couldn't catch her. The team will try to trap her in the next few days.

A run over fox?

Last week, team leader Gea, happened to be in the right place at exactly right time.

She was driving on the main road into town when she witnessed a dog being hit by a car, right in front of her own car.

The callous car driver mercilessly stopped to check if any damage had been done to his vehicle, then went on his merry way. Gea rushed to help the little dog.The driver of this white van stopped to offer his help and also a small donation to help pay the vet.

Her name is Vivi. She is registered with an owner but was not only full of ticks and fleas but in season. Thank goodness we got her. The owner clearly is not interested in what has happened to her.

Thank you for your generous donations which have allowed her broken leg to be operated on.

A Terrified Soul

While Claudia was transporting another rescued dog to the vets, she caught a glimpse of a dog in some woodland, next to the road. It took Claudia and Cosmin some time to catch him. He was terrified.

On close inspection, he had a rope tied tightly round his neck - so tight she was only able to cut it off with scissors.

Tragically, Claudia thinks someone attempted to hang him, but he somehow wriggled free. Petrified but not aggressive, he is safe with her now.

A Bundle of Fluff!

As the couple drove off, eagle-eyed Cosmin spotted a tiny fluffy dog following anyone coming out the supermarket. He was desperate for food and with no owner in sight. Of course they picked him up to take him to safety.

Louby, from the Cemetery

This pup was posted on rescue site locally with a plea to go to take her from Corbu Cemetery, in Constanta. The team responded as no one else had stepped forward.

She is infected with horrible sarcoptic mange and was so sore. After a special bath and some good food, she was feeling so much better already. Treatment is underway.

How you can help

Under any circumstances this would be a lot of dogs to care for! But due to coronavirus, we've been unable to adopt our dogs out to the UK for several months now.

This has put a huge strain on our shelters' capacities and our team's workload.

Can you help us? You can donate here or buy dog goodies at our online shop here.

Thank you . We appreciate you always.

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