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Our special boy Kenzo

Kenzo, our lovely boy who is fostered in Yorkshire, still hasn’t had one bit of interest 😢 Luckily he’s still keeping himself busy…

“Auntie Rosemary got me this bow tie from the BMDR auction and made a snuffle mat in the colours of the Ukrainian flag so we could remember my Eastern European cousins who have lost their homes. Even though Ruby cat came from here in Yorkshire, I understand she also lost her home and ended up in a shelter until Auntie Rosemary chose her (although actually Auntie Rosemary said it was Ruby who chose her and Uncle Chas). I didn’t know what to make of Ruby when I first came but now we are firm friends, who would have thought, but I have changed a lot since I got here. Lots of love Kenzo (and Ruby cat).”

Please, if you feel you could offer Kenzo a loving home, visit our website to submit an application:

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