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Out of the Cold

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Yesterday, Claudia and Cosmin went back for more puppies they saw when taking Bonny and Bounty out of the pile of rubbish.

'When he got Bounty and Bonny my husband saw another mom not far from there. She has six pups!😮 Yesterday we went there to take her too (couldn't sleep thinking she's out there...) but she was hiding somewhere because of the firecrackers. Today we went back and got her eventually! So scared and hungry! Poor girl is just skin and bones!

She's young, 1 year old and I think she weighs 12 kgs but she's so skinny.’

This takes Claudia’s count up to 10 more puppies just this week. These little puppies are only a few weeks old so making sure Mum is well fed will help give them the best chance. Fingers crossed for them all 💓

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