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Please adopt Kenzo!

Kenzo is fostered near Hull, and is doing SO well. Here’s his weekly update:

“Today has been a day of firsts! First time being brave enough to jump into Auntie Rosemary’s car. I don’t like cars but Auntie Rosemary cooked a chicken and I do like chicken! I watched Macgregor jump in and out but at first I couldn’t get in because of my little legs so Auntie Rosemary got me a box to use as a step and I jumped in a few times. I didn’t stay in the car more than a few seconds though because cars are scary. Then we went to the park with a very very long lead. Auntie Rosemary let the lead run loosely behind me and later she took the lead off altogether. I did think about chasing some birds but I resisted. Auntie Rosemary was very pleased with me and I think I wil l be able to go off lead much more in future. I am home now and very pleased with myself but very tired!”

We just can’t believe no one has asked about adopting Kenzo yet 😞 If you’d like to apply, please send us a message or visit our website:

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