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Poor little Maja


There is an area in Claudia’s part of Dorohoi which is popular for dumping unwanted dogs. Many people abandon dogs of all ages in the forest there, and Claudia comes across many lost souls as she passes by.

This weekend, Claudia came across this poor wee girl. She’s about 3 years old and tiny - only 6kg. Poor girl had a huge cherry eye as well as horribly matted and dirty fur. How could anyone leave her in such a state? We named her Maja and a visit to the vet was planned for a couple of days later.

The next morning, Claudia woke up to find that Maja’s cherry eye was A LOT worse. The photos are quite gory so please take care when scrolling through. Poor little Maja was in such terrible discomfort. Imagine if Claudia hadn’t picked her up from the forest just hours before.

Straight to the emergency vet they went! Amazingly, Maja’s eye was saved and the vet says she can even see again - how incredible.

Maja’s treatment cost almost £300. Please, if you can, donate a little to help Claudia pay the vet costs for Maja, and to help her continue her amazing rescue work in Dorohoi, Romania ❤️

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