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Puppies everywhere!

It never ever stops! Claudia and Cosmin, who live in northern Romania where temperatures are already so cold, have taken in two sets of puppies in as many days.

This weekend a tiny Mum and her two newborn puppies were found wandering and freezing in the woods. Such a tiny girl and her babies, no more than two weeks old, left to die. In such a bad weather, so wet and freezing. Mum was full literally full of ticks and fleas but the fleas had no room on her tiny body because of the ticks all over her. Claudia thinks there were more than 50! This family have been named MABEL(Mum), MADDY and MARVIN.

Today, on his way to work, Cosmin noticed something dumped on top of a pile of rubbish. It was these two terrified female puppies. Both hungry, shivering with cold and looking for their mother. They are only two months old and still very small. The cruelty is just unimaginable. It’s enough to make them not want to leave the house as everywhere you look are strays with puppies.

These girls were lucky enough to be spotted today and will have shelter and food in their bellies. Thank goodness for their kindness 💖

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