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School Puppies

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

As we head in to the cold winter in Romania, there seem to be more and more litters of puppies appearing everywhere. Yesterday, Claudia and her husband took in another four despite struggling for space as they already have so many dogs in their care. Cosmin is a teacher. He and wife Claudia live and work in northern Romania, close to the border with Ukraine. It’s getting so cold there right now. A kind hearted pupil approached Cosmin after seeing these puppies being dumped over a fence near the school.


“It's getting so cold here (-10 degrees C at night) and it's only the beginning! And there's an explosion of pups everywhere you look! Not to mention the adults!

This morning my husband goes to school and when he gets there a pupil tells him that early in the morning she saw someone dumping some pups in the yard next to the school! They were thrown over the fence! Luckily there's some rich vegetation there and they weren't hurt! Four babies so hungry and freezing standing in the snow! What was he supposed to do?! He got them and brought them home! Now put them somewhere! Where?!😐 Well he made a place for them (in the dark) but they are safe now!”

Thanks to Claudia and Cosmin, these puppies now have full bellies and shelter. Being out in that cold is no place for these or any of our puppies or dogs. Your continued support is so essential in allowing this to happen 💖

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