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School yard pups

The challenges of rescue are huge, and sometimes difficult decisions need to be made. Claudia would rescue every dog in Dorohoi if she could, but space at her home is limited..

“We get a message from the head of some school! - There's a poor mommy in the yard with 8 or 9 puppies!😔 In the last two weeks the pupils were on vacation and she was kind of "safe" but starting tomorrow something need to be done with her, probably they'll call the dogcatchers. So Cosmin started repairing the old enclosure and hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to take her. She told us she tried to message all the private shelters near by but no one would take her! And she found out about us, we're starting to be pretty famous, I'm not sure I like that because we're easily emotional blackmailed when we see them in need! They are so many and we have to choose, really heartbreaking!”

Well of course Claudia couldn’t leave this beautiful dog and her puppies behind. There are 8 beautiful babies, all seem happy and healthy. Claudia says the Mum is very friendly and smart.

Great work again, Team Dorohoi! 😍 Please donate if you can towards their care.

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