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Travellin' Dawgs 17th Oct!

Sixteen very lucky dogs got on the happy bus last week, fourteen to the UK and two stopping to new homes in Germany on the way. AMBI, small girl dumped at the side of a busy road near Dorohoi in northern Romania. BANJO has waited two and a half years in our shelter since he was a small pup pulled from the public shelter. BETH, rescued with 4 sisters and her mum in Navodari. BILLY BEAGLE, three years in the shelter nearly, finally going home. COOKIE, that small shivering dog in the video last month is heading to be a German citizen. JOHNNY, two and a half years with us, saved from the street, going home. KYLE, three and a half years in our care, going home at last. LEILA is coming to foster in Hull with our lovely foster mum Rosemary. LEONARD is on his way to Scotland - our Leonard! LIA, mum to the frozen pups two and a half years ago, is on her way home at last. LOTTA, small young girl, is coming to foster in Dorset. LOUISA, Beth's sister, is on her way home too. LOWRY, one of the canal pups, has a home too. ROSIE, one of the three pups who popped out in surprise when we took their mum to spay! Her sister Rosanna is still waiting. SMOKEY, sweetest mum from the ps, we fixed her bent leg and now she is going to be a German girl. Last but by no means least, SWEETIE, a darling girl from the street, has at last been noticed and will be so loved. Have the best lives pups, we love you all.💜

Could you be our next adopter?

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