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Travellin' Dawgs!

Sixteen, yes sixteen, lucky dogs are making their way to new homes this week. We are so anxious about 31st October and a possible no deal that we put a shout out for fosters and also our wonderful transporter moved things forward a few days..just in case! Several dogs are coming to foster homes too after a big shout out for help. Also we are so moved to see some really long term dogs on the bus to freedom this week.

Here are those lucky dogs: AMBER came from the public shelter last autumn. CLYDE is a big puppy , rescued by our friend who lives on the way to the public shelter. DAVE, dear Dave, rescued from a hoarding situation. He survived distemper and a volunteer fell in love with him in September. She told him, I am taking you home! ERIN, a lucky survivor from a ps mum. FELIX, our big loveable lad, taken from the hoarding situation in Constanta last year. Foster in East Yorks. FERGUS, the loveliest street dog from the ps nearly three years ago now. Adopted! GEM, sweet girl, rescued by our friend with her brother Louie last year LISSI was rescued by Claudia in Northern Romania. So titchy! MARIA is coming to foster at BMDR mission control in Withshire. She is 7 months old and very sweet natured. MURPHY, rescued with his ps mum and sister Erin. ORLANDO, another long term dog. He was brought to us for safety from the catchers two years ago now, he always wanted to be someone's boy again. PATRICK is another of the small dogs who came from the man in the village. Just two left to rehome now. They came two years ago and we refer to them as the village people. There were nine of them. PHILLY is a small sweet girl who we took from people in the village this summer. She is coming to foster in Leicestershire. RONAN is a small, long puppy lad rescued by a friend of ours in Sibiu. STAR is an older pup with a fantastic nature who was the only survivor of a litter we took from a notorious public shelter - Ovidiu. TINKERBELLE is a wee dot we rescued from the street and she is going home to Scotland to have two Romanian sisters.

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