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As many of you know, seventeen lucky souls departed Romania last week, ready to make their journey to their new lives in Germany and the U.K.

Upon reaching the border however, the authorities didn’t allow the transport to continue and after hours of waiting, the sensible decision was made to turn back to ensure everyone’s safety. It was an worrying and emotional time - not least for our adopters and fosterers who were waiting so eagerly for their new arrivals.

But good news this week! The red tape has been dealt with and the same lucky canines - and also Knodel the cat - have boarded the happy bus for the second time 🚌.

From Claudia in Dorohoi, we have BUDDY, VICKY and FRANZ and KNODEL too this time 🐱.

From Nisipari, sisters LILLY and GRACIE and beautiful SNOWFLAKE are on their way. Three lovely, friendly pups.

Older lady FURBY, who was rescued from the public shelter, is getting the chance of a new life in Germany.

BONNIE and SANTA - the sweet mother and daughter who were separated and then reunited - are both headed to separate homes in Scotland. We hope they can stay in each other’s lives ❤️

Little CORA and BENITO from rescuer Coca Neagu were also collected.

And from Coca in Calarasi - GRISU, GINO and GARY are heading to Germany. BENNY and FOXY - two sweet boys taken from the public shelter last year - are both headed to the U.K!

Safe journey dogs and cat. We love you sweethearts! ❤️

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