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Nine lucky dogs got onto the happy bus this week, a few days earlier than normal to make sure they cross the channel before 31st Jan...😬 CALLUM who is one of the seven pups dumped at Coca N's house when she was at work CELINE - at last has been chosen! She, her tiny mum Gabrielle and her sister Celeste, were found hungry and lost in some woodland by one of our friends. She is the last of her family to be adopted. DELIA is a small fluffpot who was put over the fence at our village house shelter one night. FAITH is Callum's sister and is lucky to be going home too. HOLLY is another of those pups, from Coca N. MAGGIE is a darling young dog who we took from the ps last year. She is coming to foster with Jo in Hampshire. MILES was found by Coca again, this time on the street where he had been dumped. MIO is one of two wee brothers who were found by Ionut, our boy rescuer in the village. On a hot, thirsty day, Ionut walked a long way up to our shelter, carrying these two small pups to safety in our shelter. Last but not least is OLYMPIA. She came to us from dog hoarder Dan who lives just outside the village. She is a lovely girl and is so deserving of having been chosen though of course, all are. Safe trip you wonderful dogs. We love you all and always will❤️

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