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Travellin' Dawgs!

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Eleven lucky dogs packed their bags last week and set off from Romania for a new beginning in other countries. CALLA has waited a long time. She is one of last year's lab pups at Coca's. Just her brother Larch is waiting for a home now.

Little EBBY was thrown in the street in Dorohoi, northern Romania. Abandoned and hungry, she climbed in Claudia's husband's car! Now she is off to Germany.

JENNER, this lovely lad was in our local ps with two friends who were both adopted quickly but now he is off to the UK too.

LIESBET was bald, weak and sad when we rescued her from the ps but look at her now! Off to Austria to start anew.

MOLLY was saved from the street too by Claudia and now this lovely girl is off to Austria to meet her family.

ROBB was rescued with the rest of his family and mum in Dorohoi. He too is coming to the UK for his happy ending.

SEREN is so little compared to her brother and sister who are already adopted but at last she is off too. She is such a fun puppy.

SHULA, this bonny girl was found with her mum and sister. She is coming to the UK.

Tiny SKYLA was found by a boy in our village. She didn't really grow! Skyla is off to Germany.

Last but by no means least, sister and brother VERONICA and VERNON are on their way home. These super pups we took from a hoarder where they were living in squalor. They are lovely puppies. Both are coming to the UK.

Happy Lives Sweet Puppers. We love you all. 💜 Could you be our next adopter?

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1 commento

N Amner
N Amner
19 ago 2019

I hope all you beautiful dogs find nothing but happiness in your forever homes. No more sadness X

Mi piace
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