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Well done boys

Claudia and her husband Cosmin care for many dogs at their home in Dorohoi, Northern Romania. They are well-known in the local area and are often asked for help with abandoned or injured dogs. Cosmin is a school teacher and today the call came from one of his students…

“A few hours ago Cosmin gets a call from a pupil. There's a small dog, injured, that showed up close by his house. He can't get near it but his 2nd grade brother can. In the last couple of days he was feeding her, she was waiting for him when he came back from school. So we went to get her. Poor soul is full of ticks and she has some bad wounds on both sides like she was stabbed with something. No words!”

It’s hard to comprehend such cruelty. She is safe now, thanks to the kind and compassionate young man who took action. A beacon of hope for Romania’s future ❤️

Please donate towards her treatment and care, if you can:

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