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Bonnie, 6 years, Lanarkshire

Bonnie, 6 years, Lanarkshire

Bonnie came back into our care at the end of August. She was adopted at 4 months old, early in 2017. Her adopter loved her dearly but has had a catatsrophic health incident and was no longer able to take care of Bonnie. Bonnie is 6. 

Bonnie is doing so well in her foster home. What huge progress she has made in the relaxed atmosphere of her foster mum's home. Bonnie has been working hard on her recall but this will be something that is ongoing. She plays with the other dogs in the home and seems to accept everyone she has met so far. Bonnie is great pals with Peter. We are so glad this girl has had the chance to show us her true self. This is how her foster mum describes Bonnie:

"She is stunning, I hope she gets a super owner who loves seriously training a super smart dog." 

A localish, rural,  home is sought for Bonnie so she can make a gentle transition to a new start, with as many meets and greets  as needed. 


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