Bramble, cocker spaniel, 1-2 yrs

Bramble, cocker spaniel, 1-2 yrs

Bramble hasn't had much luck so far in his short life. Let's hope that changes soon/ Bramble was found by  a kind lady on the street in Constanta. Many Romanians like to buy breed dogs but then get tired of them and throw them away... Anyway, the lady found this lad a home with a family in Constanta with four children and he purportedly 'bit' two of them. Scared, in a new home, with four children who very likely had had no training in how to around a dog,  he must have been under pressure to react like this. They brought him to our vet to pts but of course we were called to take him. Bramble will be seeking a child free home to be safe and preferably one with spaniel experience. So far we have found him to be a lovely boy. He is a little overwhelmed with all the dogs. 

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