Dolly, born 2016

Dolly, born 2016

Dolly came to us from the public shelter via those vile dog catchers. She had major problems with one eye, which was swollen and infected. This eye was removed forthwith. Dolly has thrived and surely was someone’s dog. It is common when an older person dies, that the family will throw the beloved dog onto the street. Or perhaps she grew too big as she would have looked very poodle-like when a pup. Anyway, she is safe now and ready for a home. Dolly is a little shy at first but comes round fairly quickly. She is friendly and relaxed with the other dogs in her pen. Dolly would need a home with another dog to ease her transition. She loves coming out her pen for a walk and is getting used to cuddles and fuss. Dolly is around 55 cms to the shoulder and perhaps 22 kgs. She would need another dog in the home to lean on for the transition to a new life.

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