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Josie, 2016, Herts.

Josie, 2016, Herts.

Our wonderful Josie is looking for a new home through no fault of her own. Josie was one if the first pups rescued when Hilary met Gea and our BMDR shelter was started back in 2016.

Josie was recently adopted to the UK. She has done so well and is described as loving and affectionate with her current adopters and also with visitors to the home. Indeed they say she is pretty laid back in general. She likes meeting new people on her walks and is generally very happy around people. She hasn't loved wth cats but so far has not reacted to cats on her walks.

Josie is fully house trained and happy to be left for short periods. She is a clever dog who will relish ongoing training and more to engage her brain.

Josie could be an only dog or with another dog pending successful intros. She also potentially could live with children over 10 if they were dog savvy. She has been living with an older dog who isn't interested in Josie's attempts to engage him in play. She is needing more to stretch and engage her.

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