Justin, born mid April 2020

Justin, born mid April 2020

Justin was brought to us after he had been hit by a car and then left. He was weak and clearly had broken something. We rushed him to the trauma vet in Bucharest where his back leg was pinned. He has healed very well and is a playful and friendly lad with both other dogs and people alike at the shelter. His pin remains in situ as the bone has grown quickly around it. You would not know there had been anything untoward, watching him now. 


Justin, we estimate, will not be big, maybe 45cms to the shoulder. He is seeking a home with another friendly dog from whom to gain confidence and learn the ropes. He needs a home where his adopters have plenty of time to spend with him. Socialisation and ongoing training are vital with all our pups to ensure that they grow to be balanced adult dogs, comfortable with life around them.

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