Kirsty, born early 2018

Kirsty, born early 2018

Kirsty is a very sweet-natured young dog who came to our sanctuary with two pups. Her story is a hard one. Kirsty and her small family were in danger as local people wanted to kill them, so we told the people who found them that we would take them. The pups were brought in a car and Kirsty was left to run after them for 2 kms! Her pups are Shula and Bethany. Kirsty is only a pup herself really and seems to be very happy to be handled by the team in the shelter. Kirsty is the size of a smallish collie. She would suit an experienced home and would not necessarily need another dog if her adopters had good, solid rescue experience and she could have access to plenty of dog company for social times.

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