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Lina, born 2014

Lina, born 2014

* Update Jan 23. Lina is in Hertfordshire. New pics to come.

Lina is missing her dog friends from the shelter.  She is slowly coming round in the home and is very bonded with her foster mum. Lina would need a local adoption where she could build a relationship with her potential new canine pal and adopter. 

She is nearly house trained.  Lina is very pleased to see other dogs on walks.


Lovely Lina had been waiting for a very long time before she came to foster. She was first found on a building site with her jaw smashed in - no doubt this was done deliberately - when she was just abou a year old. She was put back together again by good-hearted people and a skilled vet. 


Lina is around 18kgs and measures approx 55 cms to the shoulder. 

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