Catriona, born July, Wiltshire

Catriona, born July, Wiltshire


It turns out the man who kicked Catriona around had actually broken her pelvis. Catriona has now had surgery to remove the head of her femur. She is recovering very welll and we have no doubts she will be as good as new very soon. Some children in the village found this puppy and stopped a man from kicking her around. She was in a bad way but look at her now! Catriona is fostered in Wiltshire and is showing what an absolute darling she is.  Catriona is walking well on the lead and is happy in the house with all her doggy family. She also is very relaxed with the household cats. Catriona would suit a home with or without another dog and with plenty of attention where her training could continue so postively. She is completely clean in the house. 

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