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Maja, Feb 2019

Maja, Feb 2019

Maya had had a pretty awful life in on the street before she was taken in by Claudia in Dorohoi, way back in March last year.  She now takes the part of helping new dogs settle who come into rescue but really, Maja so deserves a home of her own. Again, Maja would really do better with another dog in the home to gain confidence from. She isn't very big but is quite tubby now. Maja is around 45 cms to the shoulder and 22kgs.


This is Maja's rescue story in Claudia's words:

"Another big load off my mind was taken! For the last year we've been seeing a poor dog on the street when going out or when Cosmin was going to school. She was always there eating from garbage, always pregnant. Everybody was chasing her away, kids throwing rocks at her! We couldn't get close to her she was so scared! Well, the other day we stopped at the wheelie bins to throw out the trash we saw her coming towards us almost crawling, scared but famished. So Cosmin quickly grabbed some food and she came to him. This way we managed to catch her, finally! She had babies pretty recently, but we couldn't find any. We've been looking for them in the last days but no sign of them and she doesn't seem to wanting to go to them, maybe she knows they are not there anymore! Poor girl is so skinny and she's so at peace in her warm kennel that she doesn't even want to get out. Still, so scared! But she'll be OK now! I'm so happy we got her!

She's 2 years old, 50 cms tall, 15 kgs heavy."


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