Maria, born March 2019

Maria, born March 2019

Maria arrived in foster in the UK at the end of October 2019. Maria will move to Aberdeenshire with her foster family mid December. She was the last of her litter to be chosen in Romania and stood little chance of being noticed as she was in Coca's shelter, far from anywhere with a dearth of photos and info sometimes.


Maria is one of the most loving dogs that her carers have fostered. She is shy though, to start, with new people and can still be very wary of new situations. She has softened over time to learn that not everything is scary. Her nervousness has not once meant aggression, just wobbliness. Sadly, she is not so photogenic but in reality, is so pretty. 


Maria needs a home with another friendly, gentle dog and adopters who won't put time pressure on her to wear her brave pants. What Maria needs in life is quiet walks and companionship. Maria loves being stroked and fussed over by her foster mum and dad. She gets on great with the other dogs in the home. Maria is walking fine on the lead, though some situations can still be scary, like a flapping bag caught on a fence. Maria will then look to her human - foster mum or dog walker for reassurance. Maria walks well with her dog walker's pack of friendly dogs. 


In the home, Maria is friends with all the other resident dogs and is happy to play endlessly with her other young companions. Maria deserves her own home and for someone who has time to devote to her and pour the love and time into her that she so enjoys.

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