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Megan, August 22

Megan, August 22


Megan is one of Krista's eight pups. Krista is a wonderfully friendly dog who has featured in our social media posts. She was brought, with her young family, to our shelter by a woman who had found them near the docks in Poarta Alba.  

Two of Megan's brothers and one sister have their tickets booked to Germany, so far. let's hope all this lovely family can find new starts.  Megan is likely to be up to 55cms to the shoulder when grown. Like her siblings, she is not overly shy and is very happy to interact with her human carers at the shelter.

Megan too would need another friendly, active dog in the home. Her adopters would need to provide plenty stimulation and a commitment to train Megan at her own pace. Megan is another smart little cookie and might enjoy agility and other fun things to do when she has grown. 

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