Nellie, born July 2019

Nellie, born July 2019

Nellie and sister Jolene and brother Sonny were found in the village with their mum Shiraz. Luckily for them, our youngest supporter in the village had his ears to the wind and heard some people planning to poison a mum and pups who had been abandoned in a field nearby. Ionut led Gea to where the family were hiding and we managed to take them all to safety. Nellie isn't very big. Her mum is small but of course we don't know her dad. Nellie is cocker sort of size, maybe 45cms to the shoulder. She would of course, do best in a home with another friendly dog to lean on, having had dog company 24/7 since birth. Nellie is a very loving little dog once she has got to know you a little. 

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