Rosa, born Oct

Rosa, born Oct

This stunning young dog is now in foster in Wiltshire. Rosa was pulled in February from the public shelter. She was matted and terrified. It is becoming clear that she was someone's puppy  who was then abandoned before the dogcatchers picked her up. Rosa is a super affectionate young dog who is so quick to learn. She has blossomed in her foster home and has great fun with her puppy foster sister, Pippi. She also is very happy with the other household dogs. Rosa is entirely clean in the house and she is walking well on the lead. We think this awesome girl is poodle cross.  Rosa is the size now of a smallish lean lab. She has a partially curly coat, curly and curly tail. 

Rosa is proving to be a very fast learner and would thrive in a home where her keen brain could do agility/obedience training. She is very loving and takes most things in her stride. She can be fragile if she misinterprets a situation e.g. a sweeping brush, given that she was most likely beaten as a puppy before being cast out. 

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