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Scarlett (5 years old)

Scarlett, also known as Scruffybutt, joined us in August 2020. We have another dog, Daisy who is an older Staffie. Scarlett gets on really well with her, they sleep together and snuggle up. We also have two rabbits, Scarlett touches nose with them and watches them play. We have no idea what breed mix she might be - she’s such an unusual dog but whatever she is, she’s the best bits of all of them.


We don't know much about Scarlett's history - only that she was picked up very young, she lived in a home for a short while and then lived in Coca's shelter in Calarasi for about 4 years until we adopted her. 

She sleeps with her tongue out, she rolls around excitedly when she’s been fed, she grunts when she’s being stroked, she does an excited bark at dinner time, she sleeps on her back.. she does so many quirky things and we love them all!

She is not a fussy eater - she will eat anything! But she does love cucumber and carrots. She doesn’t play with toys yet but she loves to chew anything plastic. She chewed my asthma pump to bits - oops!

Scarlett loves running freely around a local park, she loves the beach and the seafront. At home, she likes to be as close to me as possible - she will rest her head on me and snore away.


The adoption process with BMDR was very thorough, supportive and always with the best interests of the dogs at heart.

When she first arrived, Scarlett was very scared, she barely moved. We had to carry her to the garden and into the kitchen for some food. Within a day she was wagging her tail at us. She settled surprisingly quickly considering everything she had been through. Toilet training was the biggest challenge, but it was lovely to spend time relaxing with Scarlett and helping her settled.

After a few months she was fully trained, enjoyed long walks, lots of attention and was able to meet new people really well. Some milestones we achieved were toilet training, walking on a lead, learning her name, learning our routine, meeting new people and new dog friends. We’ve also moved house and she handled it really really well. She has grown in confidence and continues to grow every day.

My advice to anyone thinking about adopting from BMDR - do it! They are the most loving dogs, because they know they’ve been saved and given a comfy home to live in. It will take patience and boundaries but also lots and lots of love. We wouldn’t be without Scarlett, she is the most amazing little dog.

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