Ciara and Ellie & Rex (3 years old)

“The dogs get on so well together, they knew each other in Romania and settled seamlessly together.


Ellie caught my eye as she looked like she was smiling in her photos. It broke my heart to split her up from her puppy, but we knew her pup had a home to go to and were able to offer Ellie a loving home. I came to hear about Rex a few months after Ellie arrived. I fell in love with his photos but the timing wasn't right. I never forgot about him though and when Winter arrived I couldn't get him out of my head. After months of deliberating we decided to offer Rex a home, and reunite him with his wee pal.

Ellie had a puppy called Cassie and the two spent their time running about and playing on the street. Rex apparently appeared one day too and was part of the gang. It is likely all three were owned but abandoned. Rex may have been a chain dog as his fur was slightly damaged on the neck. Nothing more is known about them however.


The adoption process was easy and pain free. We had been knocked back from a couple of big UK rescues, however BMDR gave us a chance and we are eternally grateful.

On the first day, Ellie was extremely timid, as was Rex, but he had a good sniff of me and even gave me a kiss. The adoption process was surprisingly easy. A few hiccups but all were expected and typical of any new dog - rescue or not. There is also a huge support network which helps.

There were some challenges. We had to not only train the dog but train ourselves. Ellie is super independent, so this took some getting used to. It is only now looking back, do we realise how far we have come. Ellie can now be let off the lead! Her recall was non-existent; she is obviously part Husky and coupled with having been on the streets for a period of time it has taken us months of training to get to this point. We are not there 100% (forget it if squirrels are about), but we have come so far.

Rex too - he is very easy going, but can be lead reactive to some dogs who are near him. We are working to counter condition this with things like treats in the presence of others and already we are seeing so much improvement. With a bit of work and training classes we will get there.


The professionalism of Barking Mad is second to none and you know they really care about each and every dog. Take your time to do some research as it is a big undertaking in general, but if you decide to do it with them, you will never look back.”