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Simon and Salsa (1 year old)

"We think she might be a mix of Kokoni, Pekingese and Schipperke, and we kept the name she was listed as. Some of her nicknames are Salsagirl and Toof (her canines stick out when she's happily asleep). We have another dog, Noodles and they've been brilliant together. In fact, Noodles showed Salsa the ropes and helped her to settle in.

They play really well together and it's helped Salsa by having someone to look to when she's experiencing a new thing like getting on a bus or the tube. Salsa has been really respectful of Noodles' space when he needs it, but they sleep in a pile now! 

She's super cuddly now and will be very vocal if you finish petting before she's had enough, and she loves being chased around the park by all the dogs.

We chose her because she's very beautiful! She had similar colouring to Noodles and I was just taken with her immediately.

The adoption process felt thorough. There were lots of back and forth on email ensuring I'd be a good adopter. The home check was really good and all the contact with BMDR was professional and felt like the focus was certainly on the welfare of the dog. I was very happy with the process and the information provided.

During the first few months it felt like Salsa was determined to learn everything and get over any fears and she progressed really quickly. She seemed to trust me from the outset and having Noodles there to learn from really helped. Her recall was good from the start and she just got more and more confident playing with other dogs and now has a little gang of best friends.

Salsa now loves cuddles and will ask for them when she wants them, she's happy to be picked up now and she's super affectionate. She gives back so much love!


Barking Mad Dog Rescue are a great company to go through, so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them! In terms of adopting a dog you need to be really sure you can commit the time to it, also the love and patience needed. There will be setbacks and it might take a long time before things feel 'normal', but that's part of the journey and it's a very rewarding thing to do. Get help from trainers, do your research and make sure you're as ready as possible.


These pups have been through a lot, but there's something incredibly special about giving them a great life."

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