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Tracey and Scooby (1 year old)

“We had a 7 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Scrappy already so when we saw Scooby (previously Noel) we thought he would be perfect for us, and his colouring also looked like Scooby Doo’s! We didn't know how they would get on to start with, but Scrappy looks after Scooby, they live to play chase and love each other to pieces.

Scooby was found with his two sisters, dumped on the street because the owner of the mother didn't want the pups. We actually wanted a smaller dog, but when we saw his picture we knew he was the one.


The adoption process was easy, friendly and quick. Scooby came at night, he met me and my Scrappy, and settled in straight away. I knew he was wary and scared, but he loved cuddles and following Scrappy around.

The first week was quite hard, getting to know him, and him getting to know us, teaching him to be house trained and walking on a lead (he was scared of cars and noises outside). I really think Scrappy helped him. It got easier as we got to know him and he got used to us, and used to normal family life in a permanent home. At first he couldn't come downstairs as he was scared - I used to have to carry him down as he cried at the top.


We got him an igloo bed which he absolutely loves and totally chills out in. He loves to chase birds and squirrels and I love his upside down smile, because his bottom jaw is shorter than his top jaw!


Adopting is hard but rewarding work, the dogs have had a hard start in life, but are so loving.”

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