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Happy Travels

It is always the best feeling seeing our dogs leaving for new homes.

Jasmine, Moomin, Badger, Nigella, Choco, Tizzy, Brigit, Findus, Asha, Ringo, Tasha, Lauren, Amelie, Nicole and pussycat Celeste are all on their way to their new lives in the UK. Connie has also boarded the happy bus to Germany. Safe travels lucky pups!

Jasmine was abandoned on the street in Constanta and had two fractured forelimbs. Moomin was dumped with her siblings in Calarasi. Badger and Brigit came from the hell of the public shelter, Nigella was rescued from a hoarding situation. Choco was in the ps in Sibiu. Tizzy was exchanged for a few pennies in front of the ps in Calarasi. Findus was found by some Swedish holiday makers dumped on the beach. Ringo also came from the hoarding shelter. Tasha was rescued by our wonderful vets after being hit by a car. She spent some months living in the vet surgery as a blood donor but also to keep her safeLauren was hit by car and had a fractured pelvis. Amelie was dumped with her brother Arlo in a village where they poison dogs. Nicole was only one of two survivors from a big litter dumped with their mum in -15 in January. Connie was found by a holiday maker abandoned in a car park. Celeste was abandoned on the streets.And last but by no means least, Asha, lovely Asha. Hit by a car and left to die at the roadside for 5 days before rescue. She has had skin grafts and months of physio. One leg isn’t working now but three are good to go. This is Barking Mad Dog Rescue!

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