The Day We Found a Hoarding Shelter

It was a terrible shock, the first day our team went to investigate stories of starving dogs in a private house in Constanta. 138 dogs (now the official count) crammed in, emaciated and starving had been taken in over years by someone who tried to help, but in the end, hadn't the means to care for them. We have called it the SOS Shelter.

The First Few Days

Nothing could have prepared us for what we found

We immediately sent in food and daily the team worked hard the first weeks to clean, sort accommodation and take the worst cases for veterinary treatment. 

The dogs were starving, and desperate for food. The team gave them all the food they had

The team consisted of Aura, who discovered this hoarding shelter, Gea, and Ion. The dogs needed to stay put, as we were already stretched to the maximum capacity at our shelter, plus we didn't have the means to move 138 dogs. We had to turn this hovel into a liveable shelter.

Gea did not leave empty handed that day. How did she chose? She felt little Ayla chose her

They spent the next few days, along with a wonderful group of local volunteers (friends) at the hoarding shelter and worked so hard all day to clean, provide feeding bowls and troughs and sort out beds. The house owner, Carmen, was just trying to help, but got overwhelmed, however at last her hoarding shelter was starting to feel more homely. She knew every one of her 'babies’ names. 

 A hard few days of very dirty, smelly work, but you can start to see the results

They also added straw for warmth to kennels and beds where needed. Work started to catalogue the dogs. Despite the hardship they have endured, the dogs were friendly and so pleased to get some attention. The atmosphere was so much better as the dogs had full bellies so there was no longer aggression between them.

Amazing what a bit of straw can mean to these poor dogs who had nothing

The 6 puppies were wormed. The adult dogs couldn't yet be vaccinated as there were so many together, it was impossible to tell who has been done and who not. This was the week we started to build pens, so we could start to separate the vulnerable ones.

There were 6 puppies among the 138 SOS Shelter dogs

The following days

The next day, one by one, the worst cases were taken to the vet as it reopened. The state of some of their teeth was appalling, plus some nasty eye infections. 

The dogs in most need were the first to get to the vet

There were many extreme cases like Pitic who is blind in one eye and can see a little out of the other. He is also disabled. He has a very kind sponsor who also has offered him a home. He will be called Thomas. When he has gained some condition, we will get him through to the eye doc in Bucharest.

This boy Pitic (will be called Thomas) is lucky to have a home offer already

We had an overwhelming response to our appeal at this stage, supplies were on their way, and we felt more confident we could get on and give these dogs the help they so desperately needed, following the correct processes, and staying in good terms with Carmen, the home owner. It was starting to come together.

The days following, Aura went to the vet with the pups. All six will travel to rescue in the UK with the generous support of Hart2Hart rescue who will pay all costs involved in their prep and travel. The four older pups have corona virus so are in treatment, other tests negative. The two wee diddies were just 6 weeks old and had their first puppy dp vacc.

These tiny pups