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Dogs in need

We're reaching out to ask for a bit more help please. There have been so many dogs needing help, it's hard to be regimented about asking for help. We're struggling a bit to meet costs which keep coming and coming.

Spencer, Candy and Roland were taken in recently by Claudia in Dorohoi. Prince is a street dog saved by Coca in Calarasi.

Spencer - Claudia explains:

He was hit by a car and had his pelvis and metatarsus broken. His pelvis welded itself but not correctly (because of the position in which he lay when he was recovering...) so his back is a little twisted. His leg was simply smashed (vet said) and made a lot of calluses where fractured but was a little lucky (still) because his joints weren't affected! He kept his leg up because of the pain and never tried to use it since then so his muscles and joints are atrophied. After the treatment (Condrovet) it looks like he can use the leg a little (scratching and even puts it down) but he can't sit on it, his foot is stuck.

Now Candy:

She had an old fracture and it welded wrong so the vet had to operate and correct the way she walked. Now she's doing fine. Next Thursday I have to go to Suceava to take the plate out.


And this Monday we went to Suceava with Roland for his eyes problem. Plus the antidote for Roland, he had babesia (it will show in an invoice from the vet from Dorohoi) plus 300 RON the cost for Candy's op for taking the plate out (I talked to the vet).

PRINCE is the lad in Coca's shelter. She found him with his poor head completely skinned. BMDR has paid all his surgery and post operative care costs.

We are close to £800 and counting for these four dogs alone. Please if you can help a bit, this would let us breathe a bit more easily. Click here to donate.

About Barking Mad Dog Rescue

We are a charity that rescues and rehomes unwanted and abandoned dogs in Romania. Each day we feed over 800 dogs, and we rehome several hundred dogs per year. This work is only possible with the help of our wonderful supporters. To donate, please go here. We are so grateful for all of your support.

How to adopt from BMDR

Please see our adoption information page. Our available dogs can be found here.

Keep in touch!

For all the latest goings on across our shelters, make sure you like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.

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